Mister Donahue

from Kidz These Daze by Casey & The Comrades

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Mister Donahue is the quintessential playboy. When he walks down the sidewalk, the squares of concrete that he doesn’t step on are envious of the ones he does. He’s invited to every party. He’s on every guest list. Everyone wants to be his friend. As popular as he is, and as glamorous as his lifestyle seems, there is an emptiness inside him that cannot be filled by parties and polyester.


Visual physical harmony,
With Bazarov indifference,
Kicks of Baryshnikov,
Thumpin' kalashnikov arteries, which...
Pardon my Russian, I’m rushin' a bit,
Thru this Sisyphus Ian trip.
The gist of it’s basically this:
Isn’t it funny the feeling of funk,
In the pit of the spine,
When the mind is adrift?
Like, where does it go?
How did it get?
Out of the body and into your head,
So you can be bumpin' and grindin' at 9:59,
And then blind in the alley at 10:00.
Like, Allakazam!
I was supposed to be something,
But suddenly am nothing,
But running for cover from nothing,
But nothing is coming as fast as it can,

Misery loving the company,
Giddy with sending the senses to Coventry, bloke.
Give me a sip of oblivion,
So I can live in the now, it’s a brilliant joke!
I’m comedian,
Karma chameleon,
Corny as ever,
But coming and goin,
Is a form of Nirvana,
I wanna be...
Oh well, whatever, now never,
You know what the difference is,
Between the moment an infiniteness?
Sorry, no punch line to this:
Kidz These Daze,
There’s only a fist!
Guess those are similes,
Interesting if there’s a symmetry between the infinite bliss,
And nothing but running for cover from nothing,
But nothing is coming as fast as it is,

I am not an animal, I just feed like one,
Need like one.
I am not a capitalist I just exist in some system.
Don’t blame the drum for the beat.
Don’t blame the sun for the heat.
Don’t make me stop litigating myself I might see...
My self.
Sailing my ownership,
Impaled on the mast like Odysseus,
With the onerous calls of sirens on full blast.
Like: “Stop! We accidentally chained ourselves to the past!”
With nothing but running for cover from nothing,
But nothing is coming so fast.

(Ian Merrigan)


from Kidz These Daze, track released June 10, 2020
Composed by Casey Cranford; lyrics by Ian Merrigan. Performed by Casey & The Comrades, featuring Ian Merrigan (vocals), Nate Werth (percussion), and Billy Cardine (lap steel).


all rights reserved



Casey & The Comrades

Casey & The Comrades is a space quintet. Born in November, 2017, 'Kidz These Daze' is the Comrades' studio debut.

North Carolina, Earth

Casey Cranford
Julian Sizemore
William Trentini
Ben Vinograd
Bill Stevens

Charles Frank, unclejohnsbone@gmail.com

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